The Bear’s den has been created to help you and your business to navigate the choppy seas of video production. Our aim with the Bear’s Den is to provide you with an online resource of information for those who are looking to dip their toes without being consumed by a tidal wave. Enough with the sea analogies!!

The Den has a variety of articles, exercises and video, specifically aimed at business owners looking to say it better with video. If you want to know more about video production, strategy and bears in one place, then welcome home.

I Got Five On It
We have five categories for content:

Planning – From Content strategy to fleshing out ideas based on actual data from the social platforms you post on. You will find all kinds of ideas, exercises and considerations to…consider whilst planning content for your business.

Creating – This category covers everything to do with the production itself and post-production. We cover the basics like the choice of camera and editing software to more advanced post-production techniques.

Sharing – This category is all about video on social or on anything. You will find a plethora of valuable information and insight to help you make the most out of your video content.

Understanding – Here, we will cover some of the wider concepts of content creation. From creative to technical, we help you work out what makes up your video content. Generally, if it is a technical term, we will explain what it means and it’s implications for your video.

Living – I may change this name because it is pretty lame. Living Video is all about us, we, me…and biscuit (the dog). Think of it like the Christmas email from that family you haven’t seen in ages, and you read it, and it gives every detail of their life since you last saw them and lament you sent a Christmas card with just the words Happy Christmas in it. You know, like that but more interesting……maybe.

It gives Biscuit and myself the greatest of pleasures (apart from cake and back scratches) to welcome you to the den. If you have thoughts or feedback or would like us to write something to help you wrap your brain around video, let us know. This is here for you. Come and say hello here.

Chris & Biscuit.