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Hello there!

Thanks for coming to visit our little piece of the internet. At Great Bear Media, we help businesses Say It Better with video content.

We shoot talking heads. We create video ads and social media posts. We make subscription content. Sometimes we just help to improve what you have. We create, advise, teach, edit and explore all things video. But who are we to make such bold claims?

Say It Yourself
Whoever You Want To Speak To

We know that people power great companies. Your Team. Your Customers.

Your people can be a vital resource when communicating the value of what you do. From client testimonials to insightful and relevant expertise delivered by your team, we can help you use your resources to make valuable and informative content that builds trust and understanding with your customers.

Are you looking to have a Talking head video made?



Say It With Services
Whatever You Want To Say

If you have Products or Services that need some explainin’, then we can help to create an awesome explainer video for it. Tell your customers how ‘it’ works for them, provide guidance and training or show people what you have got!

We can create beautifully on brand Product and Service Explainers, using a variety of different video production techniques to create content suitable for pretty much anything. Which is nice, isn’t it?

Head on over to our explainers page to learn more.

Say It With Stock Media
However You Want To Say It

With access to billions of beautifully shot clips, artwork and photography from all around the world, we can build a video about almost anything without having to leave the den.

Using advanced video editing techniques, and some of the most glorious footage, we can create a powerful and cost-effective video (or series of videos) to help you reach your clients.

Using animated typography, we can make SocialAds, Posts, Sale Notifications, App Explainers, and Testimonials that all help serve to build links, inform and in of course entertain. We can offer this service as a monthly subscription, or you can commission us for a short project.

Say It Better
Say It Better With Great Bear.

In 2020, it has never been easier to create video content that has value. Many of our clients create their own social media content, but may not be happy with the end product. If you want to improve your existing content, level up your video-making skills, find re-usable digital assets for your content, or desperately need an editor, then head to our support page.

We also have The Bears Den, an ever-growing resource for any business or individual who wants to say it better with video content. We cover cameras, story, strategy and all sorts of tips and tricks to help you keep your content ahead of the competition.


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