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01. What’s The Big Idea?
02. A Productive Production
03. It’s in the Post
01. What’s The Big Idea?

So, you have this fantastic product or idea, and you want to share it with everyone, the right way. Your way! We always want to produce content that pairs nicely with your business values. To achieve this, we need to know what they are, along with what ‘IT’ is.

There are many ways to produce an explainer, so we will discuss options with you before committing to a quote. We can create Service explainers using animation and voice over, animated typography and stock media, coming to you and shooting or entirely from a computer. We will discuss options with you and work together to create a script for your Video. We can create content for businesses across a spectrum of sizes.

02. A Productive Production

We’re all signed off on the script, and we are good to go. Depending on the type of production you have chosen, this next step will either involve some shooting or we will get straight onto creating digital content for you. We will have agreed on a production window of time, which will form part of your quote. On the day of the shoot (if shooting) we will bring cameras, lights and mics to your chosen location.

We can record voiceover and talking head material at your location along with any necessary B-roll or Product videography. You can also send products to us to be shot in more of a studio environment.

If you have chosen to have the content made digitally without shooting and using stock media, motion graphics and animation. We will consult with you throughout the production process, sharing edits and ideas with you (if you like).

03. It’s in the Post

We have finished an initial edit for you. Naturally, we hope to blow you away, but we want you to have control still so, we will send you a file to review and if you would like any changes made, here is the point we can do that for you. Once you have signed off on any revisions, we will send you the final file for you to share as you see fit. We can also create multiple edits, targeting different customer sectors. We will discuss this in pre-production but also can provide you with this option in post-production should you decide to make more out of your content.

There it is. All we need now is for you to tell us what you need.

Examples of Explainers

Take a Look.

We Use Multiple Video Disciplines including animation, shooting and stock media to create beautifully and on brand explainer videos for a wide variety of businesses, individuals and organisations. Some of the content featured was made as part of a subscription. If you would be interested in having content made for you every month, head on over to our monthly subscription page.

Who are they...the important people, that's who!

What They Say

What I love about Chris is his ability to think dynamically around rather complex technical & editorial briefs, and his capacity to bring the client deeper into the frame (no pun intended!) with a level of strategy and awareness that is seriously in tune with the industry. The whole team at HQ are thrilled so far, and we're excited to see what the next project brings us!✌️
– Anand Mavani, My Cause UK
I've witnessed Chris' amazing work ethic and high pedigree of professional skills while working at Sega. The trailers and videos he produced for the company were powerful marketing tools that boosted the awareness and reach of the product to the biggest possible audience, and he was able to produce content that stayed true to the Sega brand.
– Sam Matthews, Sega Amusements
Great Bear Media delivered an exceptional service for our project, on a short deadline. He adhered to our brief and brand guidelines perfectly, and turned around a series of videos that really showcased our work in a new way. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone looking for high-quality video content.
– Kelly Barr, Age Cymru
worked with Chris on our first-ever promotional video. Chris found a great balance in giving me the creative input I needed while adding his own expertise to the project to make sure we could produce the best video possible. I also picked up some useful video skills from him on the way! The video was well worth the investment and explained our service offering in a creative, succinct way. Much recommended!
– Alice Ojeda, Authentic House

Return of the FAQ, once again!

What are your rates?
Whist we do charge daily rates for work, we would normally offer a quote based on the project and your needs. However, we can send you our daily rates upon request, and we usually do after an initial call to discuss your content.

We charge £400.00 per day (this is a 10 hour day). This includes the use of most resources and materials.

What if I do not like something?
Once we have a plan in place, there should be no nasty surprises from a design point of view. However, with each of our video products we are able to provide three sets of revisions to a project. We have never needed more that one. After this we will need to bill for editing time at our standard daily rate.
Where can I show my video?
Primarily our content is designed for social media but you can show this content anywhere you like. If you would like content in different sizes for different platforms let as know. As standard all of our content is delivered in 16:9 as this is accepted on all social platforms and compatible with physical screens.
How does this service differ from a talking head?
Primarily a product or service explainer will focus on exactly that, the product or the service. Whilst this can be delivered by a person in a talking head, additional planning and production time is usually required to help explain the service in a more visual way.
How Do I get a quote?
Please fill in the contact form to the right and we can get in touch with you to discuss your needs. If you want to contact us right away, please head to our full contact page with all the relevant details.
What is included in your pricing?
When we provide you with a quote for a video, this will include all costs related to the production, this usually includes pre-production time, production time and post production time. However our quote will not include, the renting of any equipment, third party contractors as they will have their own rates and the cost of any travel or accommodation required as part of a shoot. However the details of this would be worked out prior to any financial commitment from you when we discuss your requirements.
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