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Planning Your Content

For us to effectively plan content for your business, we will need to have an initial discussion to cover: your needs and ambitions, your brand values and aesthetic choices, and the types of content you would like us to create. We then take this information and form a content plan based on your needs, budget, audience and delivery expectations.

The content plan will cover the duration of your subscription and will contain a mixture of evergreen and one-off videos each month. We will regularly review the plan and revise it if your business needs change.

Creating Your Content

We make your subscription content using a mixture of stock media, advanced editing techniques, motion graphics, and animation. We take elements of your brand identity, logos, colours and fonts and mix and match them with video clips, animations and music that marries up with those values.
Each business has its own set of unique needs to be addressed. However, some popular choices of our current subscribers include animated testimonials, service explainers, and branded content to help tell their story, their way.

Delivering Your Content

Once we have completed a month’s content for you, we will send you a link to where you can view all of the content for the month ahead in one video. At this point, we welcome any feedback and will happily make changes to anything if required. There should be no real surprises as we’ll have agreed on the content plan together. However, you still have full control here, so let us know if you would like any changes.

As with any new relationship, we will come to know your needs the more we work with you. Each month we set aside time for revisions and changes, but you will find, as the months continue, you will not need to make use of this very often. Once we have completed any changes, we will send a new link for final review. Once this is approved, we will deliver you all of the files for you to share as you see fit. We’ll send your Subscription files to you via web transfer.

Using Your Content

The subscription provides your business with enough content to build a re-usable library of media to call upon when it is needed. All the content we make can be used how you see fit. You can display it at your office, post it to social, have it on your website, take it to trade shows and events.

Simply sharing your content will mean that you rank higher in organic SEO, but we are aware that what we create is just one piece of a larger puzzle. Having a bank of useful video content will enable your business to promote services at a time it is needed, without the hassle or the cost of an expensive production. This service can be used to help you Build, Test and Measure your content on your audience, providing data that show you what is working best. Knowing what your customers like will help us to focus your content more effectively.

Whilst we are purely a content creation service, we can assist with advice on how to get the most out of your content. As a subscriber, you are welcome to contact us at any time about this. We welcome all feedback, and if you are collecting data on what works and what doesn’t, please let us know – we can use it to inform the content that we make for you moving forward.

Pricing Your Content

We price your subscription based on your needs, so we will need to establish what these are with you to determine how much time and resources we’ll require each month. We have fixed daily, and hourly rates and are happy to discuss these with you. The minimum term for our subscriptions is three months.

Your subscription also entitles you to a 15% discount off our other services and a 20% discount on our shooting fees. This way, if you want to include beautiful footage of what you do in your video content, you can buy a shooting day at an incredible discount and use your subscription time to create content with it. You can also purchase additional editing time at a discount or upgrade your subscription at any time.

We are also able to create content for you on a case by case basis. Visit our Social Video Content page to find out more about that and see other examples of social video. Every video on this page has been made for one subscription client.

Over 10 months, we made:

Videos for one client

Four Videos every Month.
How our time was spent
This is the process of finding the right materials (clips, music etc) to help produce your video. We have access to thousands of beautifully shot clips, artwork and music that forms a part of your content.
Content Creation
Video Editing, Audio Editing, Animation & Typography, Cutting, sticking and beautifying your content. This makes up most of what we do and we love it!!
Planning Ahead
But wait. That's 150%!!! - We know, but promise never to charge you over 100%! Amazing Deal!!
Such a Super FAQ

Superfreak-quently asked questions

Why is the minimum term three months?
As should be the case with any working relationship, we want to take the time to get to know your business. We invest a significant amount of time at the start of any new subscription to understand our clients' needs and goals; this is why we require a minimum commitment from our subscribers. You can leave with at any time after this term has ended. Your Content Plan will reflect the length of your term; we can offer discounts for annual and bi-annual subscribers.
What if I do not like something?
Once we have a content plan in place, there should be no nasty surprises from a design point of view. However, each month there is a window for you to view and request changes to the content before we deliver the files to you. If you are unhappy with the content plan, you can change it at any time and changes can take effect for the following months content.
Where can I show my video content?
Primarily our content is designed for social media but you can show this content anywhere you like. If you would like content in different sizes for different platforms let us know. As standard, all of our content is delivered in 16:9 as this is accepted on all social platforms and compatible with physical screens.

However we can make content for all platforms and sizes, so let us know what your needs are and we can factor those into the content plan.

How do I add shooting to my subscription?
As standard shooting is not included in our subscriptions, however as a subscriber you are entitled to a 20% discount on our shooting fees. Let us know what your needs are and we can provide you with a very reasonable quote. You can use your existing subscription time for editing content we have shot. In addition, you can also send us footage you own or have a licence to use. You can also buy additional editing time and make use of any of our other services at a 15% discount as a subscriber.
Do I have to subscribe if I want
you to make content for my business?
Absolutely not. Our subscription is for businesses looking for regular monthly content. We would love for you to be a subscriber but only if it meets your business needs. We offer content creation services to all businesses. Take a look around our site if you would like the content like this then head to our social video content page, if you are looking for video production then head on over to our talking heads page. We also offer an editing service; you can check out here.
What is included in your pricing?
When we provide you with a quote for a subscription, this will include all ancillary costs. This means there are no hidden costs or surprises. This means all the cost of clips, music and graphics used in the production are included in your price for the subscription. Additional editing time and shooting time can be purchased separately from us at a discount to you as a subscriber. Great Bear Media pays for the licence to use the content (clips, music etc.) in your video. You own the video we make you, but you do not own the rights to the clips or stock media used within it. We licence this for use in your video. If you require more information on this, let us know, and we are happy to chat with you about it.
Why are you called Great Bear Media?
There is a story but it is nowhere near as interesting as the mystery of why.
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