Analysis Paralysis

You know when you walk into hairdressers, and they ask you. “What can I do for you?” I always wonder what other people say when they are asked this question. Is there a name for what I want? What even do I want? Why am I only asking myself this now, when I am at the hairdresser?

Naturally, I default to the same answer I always give, “less hair please”. And the hairdresser duly obliges. Maybe for you, this isn’t the hairdresser, it’s a car mechanic or an IT support person. This analysis paralysis can be such a massive obstacle to articulating your needs. It isn’t that we have never thought about these things; quite the opposite, it is that we fear we do not have the equipment mentally to articulate and communicate them in a way that others will understand because we rarely have to. 

It could be effortless to feel foolish, and perhaps the mechanic or the hairdresser laugh at your inability to communicate a basic need. But you didn’t see their mad flap when communicating their needs to a graphic designer about their logo or describing a particular light fitting to someone in a DIY shop. 

“Er…One video, please.”

Communicating your needs confidently comes with one key ingredient, being confident on what those needs are. When it comes to producing video content, we encounter many “less hair please” customers. 

The amount of people who approach me asking for video content by simply stating and not qualifying “we need a video”, is staggering. It is a simple principle that if you as a customer cannot articulate your needs, it would be odd to expect these can be fulfilled. How can the person you hire, be accountable for something that you, as a customer, do not know. Needless to say, I have several had several bad haircuts, and in most images of me, you will see me in a hat.

We all do it; I am not here to moan or judge but present a simple solution for starting to create video content for your business. So whoever you choose to hire, or if you choose to do it yourself, you are at the very least confident about why before you start. 

Want Vs Need: A Simple Exercise

We may be about to attempt the simplest exercise that has ever had over five-hundred words committed to it, you know unless you discount sit-ups, how can there still be stuff to say about those? 

Whether you are working as part of a team dedicated to analysing every tiny morsel of your colour coded and pre-mapped customer journey or a solopreneur stealing your neighbour’s internet, this simple exercise can help you decide where to focus your energy when creating video content for your business.

Ingredients: A4 piece of paper, a pen, five minutes cooking time. 

Directions: Take the A4 piece of paper and put it landscape in front of you. Using your pen draw a line down the middle, separating the page into two clear columns, whoa! Technical.

At the top of the left column, write the word Want and write the word need at the top of the right column.

If you have something that looks like this, put your pen down:

Looking at each column, write what you want to tell your customers and what you need to tell your customers. Is there anything that belongs in both columns? Great, hold that thought. 

Repeat the exercise with your customer’s views in mind; what do they want or need to see? Is there anything that belongs in both columns?

Now put the two documents side by side. Whatever is screaming at you from those pages, is where you should focus your energy on creating video content. 


This sounds oversimplified, but you are likely viewing this article because things have become too complicated. Strip your thinking away and keep things clear and simple in your mind. This will help establish goals for your content so that when you get lost in colours, shapes, words and music, you always have a reference about what you are aiming for.