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Talking Heads
Forgot to plug in the mic?
Everybody's talking at me; I don't hear a word they're saying...
Harry Nilsson, Everybody's Talking

We can produce beautifully shot and edited video content featuring you or your team. We also produce talking head material at music festivals, awards ceremonies, baby luncheons and corporate events. If you’re using people – whether yourself, your team, or your customers — to market your business, then a talking head is what you need…We make those! Did we mention that?

Want to take that shiny knowledgeable noggin of yours and put it to work?
Please find out more about our Talking Head Video Service Here.

Social Video Content
Say it Better
When you care about the issues of the day And check your facts on Wikipedia
You can and get into an argument right away If you're on social media

The Pet Shop Boys - Social Media

We take our extensive researchy, animatory and videoeditorical skills
(not universal terminology) and make beautiful content to promote your business. This content is mostly made without cameras – we use stock media, animation, and good old fashioned trial and error. Or video editing, as it is known in most circles.
We create beautiful on-brand content without having to leave the den. That saves you money. It also saves us from overbuying mini-rolls. Win-win.

So if you are looking to extend your reach online then be sure to check out our Social Video Content page

Monthly Video Content
Fresh Content Every Month
The cleverest of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month. - Fyodor Dostoevsky

We can deliver all of the beautiful on-brand social video content services to you every single month for a fixed price. Buy once and keep forever and build a library of useful and re-usable video content. If you are looking for regular content to distribute on social media, be sure to check out our Monthly Subscription page.

What They Want To See.
To rush into explanations is always a sign of weakness. - Agatha Christie

We employ a mixture of video disciplines to create beautiful, sensible and on-brand video explainers for your business. If you need us to shoot a demonstration, create animation, produce educational content, or maybe film your mad experiments, then visit our Explainers page for all you need to know.

Just Be You.
Give a Bear a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a Bear to fish and you feed him for a lifetime - Anne Isabella Thackeray

We can provide fantastic video support services to help you get better, do better and think better with your video content.

Do you have raw footage? We can help you turn your clips into clicks with our editing service. Need help with your brand? We can design glorious logo animations, animated titles and name tags to add amazing production value to use in all your future videos.

Finally, we provide a consultation service for businesses and individuals who are experiencing technical difficulties, who want pointers on content strategy, or who need advice on building an in-house team. If it’s about the video, we can help. Take a look at our Video Support Services Page if you are looking for assistance with video.