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Who We Are
Turn Around. Look into your Dree-ee-ee-a-eams!
``You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built in the human plan. We come with it.” - Margaret Atwood

First and foremost, we are storytellers. We’ve spent 20 years exploring different ways of telling stories and communicating ideas using video as our chosen medium. With formal degrees in film and music production, Chris our designated human is ideally situated to help businesses get to where they need to be using video content. Wherever you are in your story, we can help you tell it beautifully.

What We Are
The Bear Necessities.
``Don't spend your time looking around for something you want that can't be found.`` - Baloo, The Jungle Book

We are a small but multi-skilled team who love to tell stories through video. We are able to create high quality content at a fraction of the cost of a larger production company and will work with you directly to create content that best represents your business, its values and most importantly, it’s customers. Our single aim is to improve your business through video production, providing you with beautiful content that also serves a valuable need to your business. We like problems… And solving them.

Where We Are
What They Want To See.
Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. - G2 Crowd

We live in an age where it has never been easier to create video content. The ever-increasing hours of content uploaded to the internet every day is testament to this. Video production is a constantly evolving world so we have created and curated services that reflect this. Whether you need us to come to you and shoot in the traditional sense, create content monthly or support your existing content with editing, animation and host of other services, we have you covered.

When We Are
Just Be You.
By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. Cisco

The downside to having so much video content uploaded all of the time is that it can become difficult to stand out from the crowd. In 2020, your video content has to compete with skateboarding otters and surfing dogs for people attention. We believe the best approach is not about being the noisiest or finding a way to stand out but to find where you fit in. This may seem counter-intuitive but an honest approach about who you are and what you do will serve your business needs far better than trying to compete for attention. The content serves you, it should never be the other way around.

Why We Are
Teamwork = Dreamwork. True Fact.
“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.” - A A Milne

We are absolutely passionate about creating video, we love it so much and we want you to love it too. As more and more businesses look to create their own content, we actively want to support that. If you are creating content for your business and have hit a hurdle, we have a consultation service for you. If you are looking to up your production value, we can create and provide you with digital assets, animation, and titles for you to use in all your future content. Whatever your video needs, we are here to help you say it better.

Christopher Goodman

Chief Button Pusher and resident video nerd, which is always good to have at your disposal. Chris has been making video content for 20 years. He is fascinated with all forms of video as it is something that is always evolving. Chris loves animals, cake and all forms of pudding. Chris knows how to tell a story but Chris also wrote this and finds it very strange to be writing about himself in the third person.

Biscuit Solo Goodman

In his short life, Biscuit has achieved much more than other dogs. At the grand old age of one, he has already chewed through 200 socks, 15 expensive cables and ripped the arms and legs off at least 11 stuffed animals. With his boundless energy and enthusiasm, he is a real creative force in the business, great to have fighting your corner….even if he sometimes pees in it.

Chris developed four fantastic videos for our social media, with very little guidance from us, and took our brand guidelines very seriously. He obviously has great passion for his work, and this shines through in what he creates. Thank you Chris!
Sarah Lord, Age Cymru
I've had the pleasure of working with Chris on a number of projects across our range of businesses! All of these projects have been delivered with exceptional results, on time, and above expectation.
Anand Mavani, My Cause UK
Chris saved us money and time by finding stock footage that was perfect for our requirement rather than needing to shoot complex and expensive videos. Great to bounce ideas off and really easy to work with. He did a great job.
Malcolm Sloan, Sports Injury Fix
Chris is a talented content creator possessing the unique ability to quickly grasp a clear understanding of brand essence and values. The creative video content he created for us at Dog Furiendly has enhanced our brand message inspiring dog owners to visit our website to find their next adventure.
Adele Pember, Dog Furiendly
Our primary goal was to create a high-converting social ad, and that's exactly what we got. 16x ROAS (remarketing) comfortably broke the record for what we'd previously achieved. Chris was professional and easy to work with, and the final product was suberb.
Dan Laxton, Bibado
Chris watched content that we had produced, and with our budget in mind he made specific, actionable recommendations that we could put into practice for immediate results. It was exactly what we needed and even led to many of partners requesting that we made content for them.
Peter Bishop, Instructor Guru

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