Customers are looking for advice and want to see your expertise on screen. We believe the speaker should always communicate naturally – this always creates better content. That’s why we always work with the client to create a script for production before we shoot or make any video content. We can provide you with full guidance on scriptwriting, having had years of experience producing talking heads with clients across a broad spectrum of on-camera ability.

Once we have created a draft of the shooting script, we send this to you for approval before setting a shoot date. This script is usually a combination of the information you’ve sent us and directions to explain what will be shown on screen when the subject is speaking.

If you are looking to have a talking head made but are struggling with how to approach it or what to say, head over to the Bear’s Den for all kinds of advice on how you can say it better or watch this video for a few tips on getting started.

Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us at any time.


On the day of shooting, we’ll already have our battle plan. We’ll arrive and set up our equipment in your chosen location with time for a chat before we get started. We usually shoot the talking head part first before shooting any B-roll (if required). Sometimes B-roll takes the form of motion graphics, animation or stock media – when this is the case the B-roll is created in the edit.

We operate a one-person shoot and provide lights, microphones and camera gear. All of our shot videos are produced in 4K, as standard.


This is absolutely our favourite part of the process: we take the beautiful video we shot and make it even better. We add music, colour grading and visual effects. Then we incorporate on-brand motion graphics, animation and logo stings. We like to keep things nice and simple – our daily rates include the cost of all post-production.

Once we’ve finished an edit, we’ll send you a link to where you can review it, approve or request any changes you may require. We will then send you a further review link to approve before delivering the final file to you.

Years of

With years of experience shooting talking heads, we know it is rarely about the camera. We construct our talking heads with our subjects, ensuring they feel confident throughout the production process.

We have worked with startups, celebrities, animals, babies and CEO’s of large international brands to produce content we can all be proud of. We try to get the best out of our subject by scripting their words into a cohesive video.

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Return of the FAQ, once again!

I want a Talking Head, What now?
We will ask what the video will be about where it will be shot, the expected length and where you wish to show it. If you can think about those things, it can help us understand your needs clearly. Also, tell us, that is what now! Rude.
What if I do not like something?
All of our talking heads, come with three sets of revisions included, however, most customers rarely use more than one. Not bragging! We will have discussed all we can in pre-production so there should be no surprises.
Where can I show my video?
We will have discussed your plans for the content in pre-production. So you will have a file meant for the web or big conference screens as the project dictates. You can show the video content wherever you like after it has been delivered to you. However, if you intend to put the content behind a paywall ( a course or pay per view content), we will need to know in advance as additional licencing costs can be involved.
What is included in your quotes?
We are fully transparent about costs and try to keep things simple where possible. When shooting our fees cover everything to do with the shoot except travel, accommodation or the hiring of specialist gear.

Music and stock media licencing will be included in your quoted price if required.

Are you able to help me write my script?
Of course, we will edit whatever text you send us to make it more video friendly. In addition, we offer a screenwriting service but we prefer to work with whoever is speaking so that they feel the most comfortable with the words they need to say on the day.
What is B-Roll?
B-Roll is the footage that we cut away to when a subject is speaking. You often find this when you are watching documentaries on television. B-Roll can be additional footage we shoot, animation, slides, photographs etc. if you would like to find out more about video lingo and what it means, head over to the Bear's Den for advice and tips on all things content.

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Psychokiller qu'est que c'est?
No. Not those Talking Heads. Great Song though!
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